Kiturami boiler/water heater?

You’re spot on, it will take time to commit all this information to memory. For most, it will take time and practice. You have to keep practicing until it becomes like a muscle memory. It works the same way for me. No matter what, you will continue to rely on a reference because there is just way too much to remember in detail. Don’t give up, most do! You just need to learn what to look for, what to check for, have an idea what things should look like so things stand out if they’re done incorrectly. From there you can look up the details. However, if you don’t know what to look for, you will miss things because when done incorrectly, like the dirt leg in this example, it won’t stand out as abnormal. What to look for and how things should look like when done correctly have to be part of your memory.


BUT… it is even more important to understand WHY something is done a certain way… for example, the dirt leg… is NOT the end of the world. In fact, many utility companies and municipalities throughout the US don’t even require a dirt leg AT ALL.

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That’s great advice Simon, and Jeff. Understanding why can be applied even when a setup seems unfamiliar. Part of the reason I chose to get into home inspection is because I found myself lacking in constant learning after graduating from college with my prestigious degree in “general studies” :sweat_smile:

I am glad to be learning so much, and the fact that this knowledge is practical and applicable in the real world. Also good point Jeff. Part of that education is developing an understanding of the potential implications of a defect, and being able to categorize it correctly.

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At the same time though, I can’t do practice Inspections forever. I’m thankful to be in a position where I can take that time without worrying about my financial security, though I’m itching for some “real work”. That’s why when in doubt, pictures pictures and more pictures.

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Wherever IRC is adopted, unless amended, the sediment leg is required, it will not pass inspection without it. The gas company may turn the gas on, regardless, but it does not change anything. Yes, it is important to know local requirements/accepted practices, absolutely!

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That may be true in NYC, but not the rest of the world.
Me’thinks you been hanging around the “plumber” (aka. my stalker) too much.
I expect him to be jumping on the bandwagon here soon enough, and with that… I’m out!

Yep, rare to find a sediment trap here.

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If you aren’t sure of something google the manufacture name, model number and owners manual. You will usually find something.
I do it all the time and save the manual to a file on my desktop.

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Welcome back to our forum, Kevin!..Enjoy! :smile:

I’m Korean
Kiturami are a famous Korean brand.
I don’t know what kind of model it is in the picture.

For water heaters, the usual size is smaller than a suitcase.
Based on the size of the picture,
If it is this size, it is considered to be used as both a tankless water heater and a boiler.


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