Kiyosaki: Biggest crash in world history coming in October

The only thing keeping the American stock markets from crashing right now are: the still-absurdly-low interest rates imposed on us by the banking cartel; and the sucking of capital out of overseas markets, vis-a-vis, their shell game.

Gov. DeSantis announces new legislation to combat ‘corporate wokeness’


I hope they sue me too, Dummy. But that’s not how they operate. There would be yet another public record of their criminality. It would be bad press for them. Instead they work, as JFK said, “under cover of darkness”.

Your doctor, who has been working with the drug cartel and the medical mob and the legacy media to deny your family access to therapeutic drugs to fight COVID without experimental gene therapy “vaccines”; your doctor is the equivalent of these New York City policemen who are “just doing their jobs”. That is the same defense that Hitler’s lieutenants pled before they were found guilty at the Nuremberg Trials.

Consider us unvaxxed, black, white, red, brown, and yellow, to be the new standard-bearers for Civil Rights.

Uh, this study isn’t reporting what you think it’s reporting. It’s not saying that 97.8% of adolescents and young adults who received a vaccine shot ended up getting myocarditis.

Ah, so you fancy you’re a mindreader too. It says exactly what it says: that 97.8% of those with myocarditis had gotten the jab(s). That’s some pretty strong stuff.

No, it says 97.8% of 139 adolescents that went to the ER for myocarditis had recently been vaccinated. No where does it say that 97.8% of adolescents who received a vaccine end up getting myocarditis.

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“97.8% of those with myocarditis had gotten the jab(s)”

Same thing, Inspector Clouseau.

Think that through just a moment. If the vaccination rate of young adults is…a guess here…60%. Then then why would 97.8% of the myocarditis patients be vaccinated patients?

I do not see a one to one correlation here, but I see one. And so do many doctors in other countries hence which is why some have discontinued the Maderna vaccine for young males for now (last I heard, not sure if they started them back up again).

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The study is not saying that 97.8% of all vaccinated young adults get myocarditis. The study said “there were 140 something young adults the came to the hospital with myocarditis symptoms over the summer, and we found so many percent had prior bouts of myocarditis in the past, so many percent turned out not to have myocarditis, so many percent were overweight, so many percent had this blood disorder, and so many percent were vaccinated.”

This study is not proof that 97.8% of the young adult population will get myocarditis if they get vaccinated. No where in the study does it say that.

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The CDC is finally warning that Covid Jabs cause more deaths and adverse reactions than all other vaccines in 30 years.