Knee Pads ?

I know I’ll catch crap from someone (Jonas for one)…but…
I have tried every knee pads that Lowes and Home Depot has to offer with dismal results.
They either slip down to my shins or flip backwards when crawling. And that just pi*sses me off.
Then I found these I should be receiving them today.
What do you use and what do you think of these?

I am with you they are always twisting and moving around I have never found a pair I was super happy with. Let us know how they work, looks like a good idea.

They look good.

I 'll give you the crap you know is coming :slight_smile:

Are you the Head inspector of your company. ah ha ha ha hhaaaaaaa

Now I must admit I have a cheep pair that I carry but I do not think I have ever used them.

I use the pads that you find in the tile dept. at HD. The others are crap but for some reason the tile department pads work great.

Duluth usually makes great stuff. Let us know how you like them.

Including their commercials…

Volleyball knee pads work great

Hey Roy, let us know how they work on the carpet! :mrgreen: :|.)

I’ve got some good ones from my ceramic tile/hardwood floor installation days. They are flat, so they won’t slip around. I just don’t like the elastic pinching the backs of my knees! Those look more comfortable.

Looking forward to the review, good knee pads are hard to find. Your assessment of inspector outlet crawl space gloves was spot on! I don’t use them often but when I do they are priceless!

Why do you need knee pads for sitting at your computer all day?

Perhaps your shoulders are causing bruising!

Let the good times roll!

also found near wrestling or dancing “equipment”. all fabric and padding. no hard surfaces. I agree 100%. and they are inexpensive. I have tried several types and these work best IMO

Roy, I suppose you need heavy duty Knee pads don’t you .lol

The heavier duty the better…

Interested to see how you like them. I love my crawlspace gloves. Looking for the perfect knee pads.

Crawlspace gloves…I love them to , but you can’t wash them. Have you ever read the how to clean them?
" If for some reason the gloves need to be fully cleaned, use a professional leather cleaning service. "

I guess the same thing goes for cleaning those knee pads…they have a suede pad. I wouldn’t want to use them in a crawlspace, but look pretty good for general under the sink looksee.

Yes, important to have clean gloves for a dirty crawl.:slight_smile: