Knee pads

My old ones broke today and I’m looking for what others have been happy with.

My soon to be trashed knee pads have a soft cushioned inner pad area with a hard outer shell. The thing I didn’t like about them is that sand, soil, etc. would lodge between the hard shell and soft inner pad and continually fall out tracking debris around behind me. :frowning:

What do you like?

Hey Larry, I use the gel type I picked up at Home Depot. They’re fairly comfortable but I hate puting them on because I know I’m about to go into a crawlspace :frowning:

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Thanks Robet.

Are the one piece gel and probably have velcro straps?

Oh! Like this?

Yeah, like the Ace Hardware ones. You have to be careful not to lose the straps though… they can detach from both ends.


Anyone else?

That’s been my problem. I’m constantly losing one of the straps and then go back hunting for it. :frowning:

the straps are for sure the weak part of those and why i don’t use them Larry…I found a great pair of fabric covered gel pads with 3-4"wide velcro straps…at a flooring wholesaler…I’ll try to dig up a name for You but short on time now…jim

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I have had good luck with the same ones from Home Depot that Robert N. uses.

Thanks all.

The above pair sound better.

Here’s an article I found on choosing knee pads from Feb. 2006 issue of the Journal of Light Construction that some may find helpful.

Wow, that’s a great article to help with selecting. Thx!

Larry… after a few years service there is not a mark left on my knee pads that give me a clue as to their manufacturer, although they are very similar to the patella t wedge pads shown on page 5 in the last column of the link you posted…the major plus of these pads for me has been the extra wide Velcro straps top and bottom that add greatly to the stability while wearing…I have never seen anything like them in the home centers but bought mine at flooring supply wholesaler…sorry I wasn’t more help…jim

Thanks, Jim, I appreciate it.

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