Knob and Tube question

This is only my second home inspected that has knob and tube wiring. Not sure if this is part of the knob and tube system or part of another system. Can anyone help identify what this is called and its purpose? Thanks!


That is low voltage telephone equipment.

Jason, Please edit your profile to include your location in Salem, VA .

Michael is correct. Jason you should do a little research and update your knowledge of knob and tube, there is still a lot of it out there.

I can see how it would look like it at first,but you gotta pull out that multi meter and get the cob webs off the thing once in a while.

Hmmm , reminds me I better check batteries on some of the stuff I hardly use.

Clamp meter?,Gas sniffer,breaker trace,etc.

I think some guys use the Tiff everywhere,even in all electric residences.:slight_smile:

I’m doing good with my screwdriver and flashlight. And my trusty camera. :smiley:

Same here.
Just add moisture meter and electric sniffer.

Pretty much the other stuff is bells and whistles or not needed most of the time.

Still my bag gives me a back ache just from lugging it all.(just in case):wink:

What you have in the photo is an old style telephone system lightning protector. Here’s a link to some photo’s many different types of telephone lighting protectors:

Thanks for all of your help guys! One thing I love about the inspection industry…you learn something new all the time!