knob & tube electric

If you were restoring a 1905 historical home would the contractor be able to use knob & tube?

You want to reuse the knob & tube wiring in the home or want to install all new knob & tube?


I have seen many restored old homes but all used modern wiring and modern plumbing would you want lead pipe in your home .
Under no conditions would I want to go with Knob and Tube

Why would they want to?

Would depend on the depth of the restoration. If they don’t want to disturb the walls, and they are not changing the electrical, nothing says they can’t use it. Changing the wiring can be damaging to walls and ceilings. Still, makes better sense to replace it. If they are just trying to keep it original, in my opinion, it’s not worth it.

I would highly recommend changing the wiring to meet today’s standards.
You’d be surprised on how a good electrical contractor can fish new wiring in the walls, in conjunction with closet chases, wire mold in some locations and completely change all the devices.

Some insurance companies won’t insure a home with K&T.

I have rewired may a old home with very little damage, balloon framing in old homes helps with that.

And lack of insulation :wink:

Why would they want to do that? I would go with an updated system including the plumbing throughout.

Knob and tube installation is still legal in Ontario. Insurance, however is difficult to obtain.

You mean it is grandfather , i doubt anyone installs it lolol

I have never seen wire from this time for sale in any of the electrical suppliers .
started the trade in 1955 .

Here it can be grndfathered in. But if you do any electrical work or renovations like adding insulation then it is grandfathered out and has to be replaced and brought up to current standards.

LOL Gosh Roy did they have Wiring back then :wink:

Yes my first year of trade school they taught that and also how to make a western union splice also how to properly do a solder and tape joint .
Never ever did I do any of it.
How to make our own solder pots and how to tin a solder iron the copper end was about one lb.
Our electricity back then was still 25 cycle and it sure showed a flicker in fluorescent lamps , they all had cardboard one the ends to help hide the flicker.

Well, I am sure Roy had one of these then;

LOL I Am sure he did . Something you and I only seen in a museum , Right :wink:

No we had Aladdin Lamps and I still have a few , Had over 20 at one time .
This is .Model B Alacite Lincoln Drape I have 2