Knob & Tube Graphic

Attached is a free Knob & Tube graphic.


Good stuff! Really nice.

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Thanks again, Randy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re The Best!

Way too pretty looking . Never seen it like that before. Can you add some frayed sheathing detail, along with a couple of DIY splices, and top it all off with 8 inches of cellulose? :sunglasses:


about time some other diagrams get the 3d-modeled treatment too. good stuff

Here is a Knob & Tube on fire due to insulation cover.


Awesome! !!

Nice graphics. You did one on cantilevered basement walls that I found to be very informative and brought up some potential issues I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for all the hours and thought you put into these!

Great graphics Randy !!

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