knob, wire & water pipe

Thought I would share this one from today’s nightmare on 13th Street.


Looks like both systems are at the end of their life anyhow.

This picture is a good demonstration of why we bond interior pipework. If that pipe was to become energized, and it was properly bonded, the breaker or fuse serving this circuit would blow, mitigating the hazard.

A question… were you able to visually confirm if the interior pipework appeared to be properly bonded? Do home inspectors check for that?

It would probably blow a hole in that gnarly pipe and put the fire out anyway.

That’s some of the newer plumbing!!!:frowning:

Yes if we can find it non destructively we are to call it out.
The bond to that pipe is probably not in any better shape than the pipe or the K & T.

Sorry, I missed that part of your question originally.
It was a 5000 square foot house built in 1880 with multiple additions/modifications. The pipe was bonded somewhere, but I would not trust it by any means.

It was bonded around here somewhere:roll:


Yes, Marc

Unless I can locate the actual bond at both ends I never assume just because I see the wiring.
A photo in the file for verification may save the day.