know what this bugger is?

Any one

aug28 002b.jpg

:stuck_out_tongue: Its a MOTH…

I think it is a cicada . they live a very short life in the open and I believe 7 years in the ground . They are the one’s you hear in the summer with a very loud buzz.
Picture with wings closed can not find a picture with them open .

Roy Cooke

It’s definitely a moth, maybe a Velvetbean Caterpiller Moth. A cicada has clear/transluscent wings almost like cellophane. See:

Ditto. Just a big, stinking, ugly, man eater moth!! I hope you didnt touch it or get too close because their wing dust is poision if inhaled.:shock: J/K:mrgreen:

Hi to all,

I don’t know what the’re called but they taste like chicken :mrgreen:



People from the South eat some weird stuff,… and you cant get any more south then Florida! You people are weird!! And I know because my parents live there,… hahahaha
By the way Gerry, does clearwater still have “Hot Dog Girls”?? Them some gooood hot dogs!!!

Weapon of Moth Destruction?:slight_smile:

Hot Dog Girls???

Brian, go to your room:D

I thought it tasted like a mixture of Spotted Owl and Condor Gerry.:stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this one in the freaks house in “Silence of the Lambs”.

Yeah Bruce, I use to live in Tampa in the early 90’s and the best part of going to clearwater beach were getting a dog from the “hot dog girls”. They were college girls (So they claimed, most likely strippers by night, hot dog vendors by day) selling hot dogs from a cart on the beach board walk with the smallest bikini and thongs you ever saw…:shock: They sold ALOT of hot dogs,… I know because Id go back at least five times! HA!!:smiley: Perfect gig!

Those things lay eggs in your hair!

What do Joe, Hot dog girls ???:wink:

My better 1/2 tells me that the moth is an Imperial moth *Eacles imperialis.



Here is the web site for the moth that Mrs beamont told us about .
Thanks MRS you are a great detective .
Go to page two for pictures
Roy Cooke

yep, thats it

It was dying and missing a lot of its inner wing section which made its body more visible.