Kolbe & Kolbe Casement Windows

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[ Image: http://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/usrimages/k/kolb-kolb-casement-1.jpg ]

[ Image: http://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/usrimages/k/kolb-kolb-casement-2.jpg ]

Picture 1 shows the whole window, picture 2 is a close up. Home was built in the mid 80's. Apparently shortly after the windows failed, glass man came in and cut across the aluminum clad face and pulled out the dual pane glass insert. Each glass area is approx 24" X 48". Then new glass inserts were put in and cheap plastic trim was glued on to cover the cut. The window shown all three were replaced, there was a quad above this one and I think only two were replaced. Now the trim is cracked and falling off in spots. A Kolbe & Kolbe rep was brought in and he says they don't make the trim anymore and all windows should be replaced to a tune of over $3500. The trim is just cosmetic to cover the cut, poorly done originally, can't figure out who did it, now on the third owner since it was originally done. When I first saw this it did look clobbled to me and I thought the trim was maybe used from something else, not in the window trade. The trim is appox. 1" wide and feathered to the outsides.

Anybody know of trim that could be used here?

Dave Bicknell
Bicknell Inspection Plus, LLC

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Replace the windows and get on with life.