Kudos and a Thank You for Steve Payson and Peak Inspection Services

Steve at Peak Inspection Services recently performed a home inspection in Hawthorne NJ for my daughter and her fiance. Before he did this he went through her vetting process. My daughter had quite a few candidates, some from me, some from her agent and some from friends of her future FIL (who among other things is the city electrical inspector). I advised her on how to interview and told at the end of it to select the person that she trusted and felt could communicate with her most effectively. That turned out to be Steve.

As I understand it, Steve had a full house during his inspection with both my daughter and her fiance present along with the current homeowner in-tow (my condolences for that part). This apparently didn’t phase Steve and my daughter felt she learned a great deal about her future home in the process. I personally reviewed Steve’s report and found it very attractive (not really a criterion but certainly a plus), clearly written, complete and it employed effective use of good quality photographs throughout.

Steve volunteered for the task, knowing that he would have to contend with my expectations of a home inspector. We set a high bar for him, which he easily cleared. I am more than happy to endorse Steve Payson and Peak Inspection Services for anyone needing a thorough, quality home inspection by a professional inspector who is willing and capable of communicating effectively with first-time homebuyers.

Thank you, Steve, for taking care of my daughter and Kudos for doing it in the outstanding manner that you did.

Great feed back thanks Chuck .A big thanks to Steve too .

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Congrats Steve! That is quite an endorsement!

Thank you very much for the kind words Chuck. Your daughter and her fiancé were so enthusiastic and very eager to learn. It was such a pleasure to work for them… truly good people. Please let both know that I’m wishing them all the best with their endeavors.

Will do. I heard that you already picked up a referral from their agent, so you made a good impression there too.

I would say so!


Very Nice!


That’s awesome. Exact opposite of an experience I just had. I was out of commission and couldn’t perform an inspection for a close friend so she went with the agents recommendation. I got a copy of the report. A 14 page wonder on a 1950 shack that was used as a rental for at least 20 years. All kinds of state S.O.P. items not included. UGH.