Kudos....More Great WDI Training

As a licensed termite inspector, I am always looking for more information that I can use to back me up on site. Identifying the damage with the correct insect…and communicating with a client the likelihood (or not) of additional damage or infestation is not a totally exact science. I can use all the backup I can get.

First…I tip my hat, again, to the WDI course offered by NACHI members for free that is overloaded with information. I flunked it…but still learned a lot. Believe me, you cannot breeze through this one and pass.

Second is an incredible field guide that is the only resource of its kind that provides such clear and life size photos of damaged wood with very clear photos, descriptions and background information on insects themselves.

My state department of agriculture requires me to take a class every other year from the University of Missouri, Columbia, to maintain my license that is not nearly as comprehensive or relevant as this material.

Nick — Get the state of Missouri to recognize your class for CEUs for a commercial applicator license renewal.

Members — whether you are licensed or not, you have not prepared yourself to the maximum extent possible for WDI inspecting until you have taken the WDI course and added the field guide to your library.

The years have been good to NACHI as more and more valuable resources…honest-to-goodness inspection tools of incredible value…have come our way.

Thank you, Nick, for getting us where we are.

James, you are right, cannot breeze through that one.
I’ve taken the test and fail 4 times now, and hopefully the fifth time will do it.

There is just something about bugs and me that don’t want to mix.
Oh, did I tell you, I hate bugs.? :mrgreen:

I don’t even know why I am trying to pass this thing. The only thing up here is Carpenter Ants.

This is got to be the hardest test I have taken in the five years Inachi has been putting them out.

My hat is off to the people that did the research and put this thing together.

Nice job.
Now hopefully next time, I will pass.



Here is the easy way to determine what insect caused the damage… just hold it up and find the PIC that matches: http://www.nachi.org/wdo-inspection-field-guide.htm

We made the book out of hard, glossy cardboard shaped like a field guide so that you can hold it up to the damage on-site and show your client.