Kudos to a professional!

Greetings all!
I’ve recently joined InterNACHI and I’ve had nothing but great experiences as a member. I’d like to recognize someone who has been a tremendous help to me getting started–Dominic Maricic.

From helping me find my recently purchased Tablet PC, helping me set up my web site, to giving me tips to help market my business–Dominic is there. He’s incredible and is always available to help. I send him a question, he replies quickly and 99% of the time within a minute. I read the posts how he helped Barry Adair with his computer problem–Barry’s back in business; Optimizing our web sites–he’s made a video and a number of easily linked tips unleashing our potential.

Dominic, my hat is off to you–thank you for all your help. I appreciate you taking all the time you do helping to make us better. I’m really glad you have available for us your web hosting plan with all the different templates available to us. You’re efforts are definitely evident.

I highly recommend http://www.homeinspectorpro.com

Greg Scheer

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I am usually silent on vendors for most of them…either from titles of “vice” something or other, or “Official NACHI Spell Checker” etc…get their rewards.

The more vendors the better and whatever it takes to make them happy and keep them here competing against one another for our business affords us with a reasonable assurance of good service at good prices for good products.

Dominic, on the other hand, has demonstrated himself as a member, first. His willingness to extend himself beyond the call of duty…and beyond the scope of his own private business…has made him not just a valuable vendor, but an appreciated and valuable member to NACHI unlike any we have seen, of late.

I hope that NACHI is always as good to Dominic as he has been to NACHI and I hope to see him recognized, formally and officially, for his outstanding role as a member of this association.

Amen to all the above!
I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some great members and vendors in the past 5 years, and Dominic’s star has really been rising and shining in what - less than a year? Amazing!!

Dominic has helped me in many ways and is a true professional.

He is the main reason I am changing reports. I was like pulling teeth to get any support at AHIT and when you did the person did not know very much.

My sentiments precisely. I can’t even think of another vendor/member who has been more helpful, although I’m sure they are out there also. Hats off to them all and to Dominic for thier altruist interest in helping the membership.

Very much worth repeating!!!


Dominic is a class act, he helped me with tips on optimizing my website even though it isn’t hosted by him at the moment.

DOM IS THE MAN…!!! I can see him winning the member of the year award.

Mega KUDOS to all of the above. Dominic has been there every time I have needed him, wanted his help or whined about something. As a computer non-professional (I call it my computer obtusity), he has helped me to understand and then be able to do things for myself. I have learned a ton!!

Wow!! Thanks guys! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go out to dinner tonight as you made my head too big. I couldn’t fit through the door.


Might I recommend some lo-calorie shampoo :smiley:

Seriously, guy. You have really helped out. iNACHI is about helping other members and you have, well and truely, proved yourself to be a member.

(Even if you are a stinkin’ vendor :mrgreen: )

By helping, mostly for free, you raise us all up and, really, exhibit what iNACHI is all about.

You de mench, Dom.

Lol, thanks Will, I’ll have to look for some :smiley:

Glad to help out. But I don’t stink, I definitely shower at least once or twice a week!

Once or twice a week, Dominic?

May I recommend using “eau de Toilette” in a heavy dose. :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Dom is always professional and helpful! Kudos bro

Hahaha. Well if I can figure out how to take the computer INTO the shower with me than I’d do it more often. Otherwise I’m losing time to work and post :mrgreen:

Not a problem Dominic.

This should do it.

That might just work!!

Well said James!!:cool: