Kudos to Paul Abernathy and his course!

The Illinois State Chapter of InterNACHI held an Electrical course with Paul Abernathy (Electrical expert, instructor) on Saturday, March 13 in Chicago, (Marriott, Schaumburg, Ill). The room was packed to the walls!

Many thanks to all of the attendees, and of course Paul Abernathy!!
Paul (“the electrical Guru”) covered the course like no other. Expert instruction and knowledge of topic is unsurpassed!

A very special thanks goes out to Ken Sitzes. ( Chapter office and organizer) Ken thought of every detail possible to make this course a fantastic one!
FULL hot food service like a four star restaurant to boot… Hot and catered like no other!!

Expert instruction and meals fit for royalty!! How can you beat that!!

Thanks again all!!:smiley:

I really wanted to meet Paul.
Thanks for rubbing it in.

He helped me on the phone while I was in the early stages as a savor

I never forget when someone helps me.

Just like you Pat.
You sent me a client or two when things were slow.

In the six years in this Association, I have only been able to participate in two seminars in Portland, Maine.
It is unfortunate that we don’t have enough Inachi Inspectors in Maine to sustain a Chapter that existed 6 years ago.
I did get to meet two instructors, one on electrical and the one and only Mr. Gerry Beaumont, where he left me in ahh due to his excellent course.
Wish to meet him again. He is an excellent instructor.

But too the main topic, I have known Paul on this board for some time, and it is very obvious that he is an instructor above and beyound the norm. and would be my biggest pleasure to attend one of his seminars.
It would also be a pleasure to meet him.
Well Paul, if the membership increases in Maine, maybe you can find your way up to Portland. If you do, make sure I am aware of it.

Thanks for helping all the Members of Inachi. :):smiley: