L’Efflorescence pour les Inspecteurs

L’Efflorescence pour les Inspecteurs

As usual and in the spirit of consistency, InterNACHI delivers again for French speaking inspectors! Keep it up!


Great write up thank you.

Thanks guys!

Thank you Nick.
Is that in English?
I do not remember seeing it in the education.

Nick Gromicko & Alysse Janet.
If you could distill a hold harmless clause into French please. I would truly appreciate the effort.

NOTE: Nick and Alysse; After meeting hundreds of Real Estate Brokers as sole proprietor of Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc. Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc. Montreal’s trusted Home Inspector, not one broker has ever seen InterNACHI hold Harmless clause.

I will place the Hold Harmless front and center in a place of choice on my official InterNACHI chapter website.MIPGC.
Thank you for considering this.

Thank you.
Robert Young.

PS: No to go off topic.
IMO; As a whole maybe reaching out to Quebec’s InterNACHI membership in a thread or questionnaire with voting be more productive in procuring topics they wish to have for educational use. JMO. Please excuse me the two of you. It’s just a thought.

If you wish I will embark upon this effort for InterNACHI with any Quebec provincial bilingual member willing to participate.
Thanks in advance.

Nick Gromicko & Alysse Janet.
Si vous pouviez distiller une clause d’exonération de responsabilité en français s’il vous plaît. Je voudrais vraiment apprécier l’effort.

NOTE: Nick et Alysse; Après avoir rencontré des centaines de courtiers en immeubles comme seul propriétaire de Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc. [Montréal Accueil services d’inspection](Montréal Accueil services d’inspection) Montréal Home Inspection Services Inc. de Robert Young Montréal de confiance inspecteur en bâtiment, pas un seul courtier n’a jamais vu InterNACHI tenir clause inoffensive.

Je mettrai l’avant d’exonération de responsabilité et centre dans une place de choix sur mon site officiel InterNACHI de chapitre. MIPGCMontréal InterNACHI Peer Group chapitre
Merci de considérer cela.

Je vous remercie.
Robert Young.

PS: Pas d’aller hors sujet.
OMI; Dans l’ensemble peut-être rejoindre les membres InterNACHI du Québec dans un thread ou un questionnaire avec droit de vote d’être plus productive dans l’acquisition des sujets qu’ils souhaitent avoir pour un usage éducatif. JMO. S’il vous plaît pardonnez-moi de vous deux. C’est juste une idée.

Si vous voulez, je vais lancer dans cet effort pour InterNACHI avec un membre bilingue provincial du Québec qui souhaitent participer.
Merci à l’avance.


Thanks buddy.
Nick Gromicko & Alysse Janet.
Please excuse the post.

I now admit after personal retrospect I did not look for related subject material. I have been dealing with effervescence many decades. I went though my studies and tests over 3 years now without a hitch.

I have to look deeper into the education menu.
Sorry the two of you.

If clues where shoes I bet i’d look and be barefoot.:roll:




You put those laces in the wrong place…:twisted::wink:

Look. DAFFY & DONALD. ALLCAPS, you made your point with way too many “encores”!




Nick Gromicko & Alysse Janet
Please excuse the interruption from myself.
Post 6 means allot to me and to Quebec members in general.
If you wish I will pole any education reference for the members.
Please excuse the follow part of the post.

All the best.
Thank you in advance…

encores ?
Opening act Mr. Larin. Act one.
I am entering into the ARIA. That’s “A solo piece written for a main character, which focuses on the character’s emotion.” in case you did not know Mr. Larin.

Seeing I was uninvited after offering you the part as the ARTIST MANAGER OR ARTIST REPRESENTATIVE:or vice/verca at the meeting we had I will protest vigorously.

PS: I also included offering parts to the cast of Quebec players.

You seem to have a three voice opera. Mine combined with yourself would have many players, and all informed.

I will insure my opera is well established now and the **opera **not operetta, " A genre of light opera" in case you did not know Mr. Larin and open to all that with to perform in its function invited.

Mr. wood has taken his place and role… You have met several of the cast and players. All home inspector in Canada by the way. Several very recognized and prominent.

More to come. Now I personally await a email from the audience.
I hope it to be, “CABALETTA” Mr. larin, for things move a little faster.

I hope you enjoy its flavor.
There are 9 parts of an operating opera. welcome to mine sir.

Very Interesting Robert!
Like I said there are no borders for OntarioAchi members and if anyone wants to add Professional content we will add it to the large library of Continuing Education Providers.
If they want to be treated as equals they will need to leave the bashing outside the OntarioAchi Association.
Our message board is moderated daily by Individuals I have put my trust in and before long we will have the ability to monitor even more closely as more Professionals are added.
We are not all going to agree and that is just life!
Message Board wounds heel fast however reputations take time. Let us help you gain back your good reputation as one well educated in the Home Inspection Industry and working for the good of Quebec.

My exact sentiment.
If I have lost face, then it was well painted by 2 members and yes myself due to frustration.
I am sorry.

I do regret statements made but more so,*** letting it go this far this long***.
Life has tied tied my hands at times…

I have contacted the OACIQ. I told them you may wish to be within the regulations. (OntariACHI.) I did not mean to over step my bounds.
All associations are welcome. that practice home inspections in Quebec.

***I am a member in good standing ***of OntatioACHI paid member and volunteer.

Len’s got the mandate. he was emailed it last year as MICQ advisory consul.

Let me repeat this “Ontario and Quebec members”, OntarioACHI is in front of the Ontario government now. Along with other participating associations, InterNACHI’S free thinkers ***acknowledged for their work in this industry ***can example the best of what the industry has to offer…,:slight_smile:

If you are not at the table then you cannot ask questions.
If you wish to leave you do so willingly and happy you where invited.

Len has the name and date set forth by OACIQ Kevin. As expressed InterNACHI all along. I seeded for growth, prosperity, witness and reach.

I am sending you an invitation to be chapter associate in any degree you wish. That goes for any Quebec members that wish to join MIPGC. Please read the mandate. Its simple. You get better through sharing.

LeN’s was the MICQ now defunct chapter advisory counsel. Now renamed renamed MIPGC he still holds advisory duties and still hold title.

Let me get cracking and update everything buddy.

I just opened up in 2 of may lost HHD’s.
A note sent out within 24 hours.

I am just getting back my files & contacts that I lost.
I still have to arrange them.

Kevin…Ontario with its higher percentage of InterNACHI members can be the base for InterNACHI Canada.
HISTORICAL NOTE: Vern Mitchinson and all Albertan InterNACHI members kicked off what pride and intellect do when collectively reaching out. Alberta’s InterNACHI members did InterNACHI proud when a rock meets a hard place.

Cam ran aground after a campaign based on money Look what free expression and reaching out to when membership combine efforts. Alberta, Ontario and hopefully Quebec.

Damn I need some members without exclusion at heart.

As expressed, Quebec members please join OntatioACHI. Get ready for education aimed at Canada.

Damn what a great place.

Do not forget MIPGC
Still onpage oneof google:-)

All the best Kevin.

Well you got that right Robert. All the education we provide through the vendors will be both in English and French whenever possible. So far that is starting to include InterNachi. More info will be provided in the next news letter.

Can’t you think up your own ideas. The OACIQ and now my clown thing.
Gees Louise.
I guess imitation is faltering but taken when offered inclusion than without without asking… well that’s …

Nick Gromicko & Alysse Janet. please excuse my hijacking the wonderful page.

Al is being removed.

The plan is quite simple with respect to having French resources from InterNACHI available: achieve the same level of excellence that will result in making InterNACHI a “magnet” for francophone inspectors and future inspectors. InterNACHI is now recognized as a major partner and player in Québec and this is just the beginning.

More to come…


Agreed Gilles.
What other educator were there?
AIBQ, PHPIC, INIEB…They were all close door policy.
How many years have there close doors meant loss of members and stifled education.

QUESTION? Where did they get their home Inspection resources in the first place? Most from Carson Dunlap like everyone else.

Now to say InterNACHI is the best educator in Quebec is correct. Please remember the birth language and multicultural educator that travels the world now and acceptance of all whom what to learn G.

To place a language in front of another and have is appear predominant and hinder other free choices is preposterous.

The individual has free will with the understanding of how it may effect him or her financally, educationally, scocally and alike IMO.

All the best.