!!!! L I Inspectors meeting update !!!!

Our Sept 28th meeting is going to be at the La Quinta Inn in Bohemia.
**The La Quinta Inn in is about 1000 ft South of the main entrance to **
MC Arthur airport on Johnson ave.
The afternoon seminar which starts at 1pm with Joe Ferry our Nachi legal attorney will be speaking on legal aspects for the home inspector.
After Joe we will have a buffet dinner. After the dinner we will have a speaker on Chimneys and flue’s this way we can help our clients on the safety & upkeep of the systems.
**The cost for the Two meetings will be $40.00 for Nachi members, **
Non Nachi members will be $50.00
**Now that I have finalized the arrangements PLEASE!!! start RSVP me **
At allaround@optonline.net ASAP so that I know what to order for you people to eat ???

I also believe that we are going to have our OCT 21st Electrical seminar at the La Quinta as long as everything goes well.
SO EVERYONE START RSVP ME AT allaround@optonline.net ASAP
Regards Len Ungar L I Nachi Chapter Pres. ]

I am glad to see that some of our Long island & NYC Metro area inspectors are responding to the above post.
Remember if I don’t get enough people, there will be no meeting it’s up to you!!!:roll:

Thanks for setting things up Len, but I am sorry to say 1PM is too early for me, I will not be able to attend.

Everyone should be like Fred at least let me know either way !!!
One week before I have to make a decision, not looking too good !!!