L I NACHI & Nat Grid GAS 101 class

**Hi! **
I ,Bill and Nat Grid are putting together a Nat Gas 101 class in the near future, most likely March or April. The class will be all day.
The reason for this post is to see how many NYC & Long Island Inspectors are Intrested in the class.
**If I receive enough RSVP’s by the middle of Feburary I will go **
foward with the arraignments to set the date/time and credits if possible.
**Regards Len Ungar [L I Nachi chapter Pres] **
**E-Mail: allaround@optimum.net :roll: **

That would be a good idea Len, thanks.


That’s one I’d like to go to.

Hi! Nick;
Your welcome anytime, you know that. If I get enough people I will go foward and finalize the Date & Time for the class.
So far no RSVP’s mid FEB is the cut off date if it goes or not.

March 24, 25, 26 or April 8, 9, 10 works for me


Hi All:

As promised, we would allow the course to be offered at the Merrell Institute, and to that extent the course/seminar would be a chapter function, and the cost would be reduced considerably, since I would be donating my classroom for the event.

Len will be taking names and info. If you are interested, e-mail him personally. He will send everyone who contcts him an e-mail when the dates/times are confirmed.

All the best. Have a great evening.


Sounds good to me Len :slight_smile:

This is great 167 hits on this post and really only 2 replys for it. I know things are slow, BUT since it is, now is the time to educate yourself for the future. Remember 15th of FEB is the go -nogo date for the class so lets get your RSVP’s in before then.
Regards Len:roll:


Is this open to anyone or just LI Chapter members? Is the course good for State or iNachi CEs? (either way, count me in) Also, what is the cost? If it’s open to all, I can send emails out to my students. Thanks for setting this up, it’s good to see some action in the chapter again.

Hi! Bill:
It’s open to all, but remember the 15th is the day that I have decide if it’s a go or nogo.

Great Len - What is the fee? Is it approved for NYS or iNachi CEs?

I haven’t gone into that yet because i’m not going to waste my time if there is not enough people, and so far there is only you and mickey.

OK Len, I hear you. I just wanted to include some information for the students on my list. Thanks, Bill

Since National Grid will present the class, it will be a chapter event, and not scheduled for ceu crediit from NYS. It would be approved for NACHI CREDIT!

I know than Len wil decise this week if we will be offerin the class.

Contact him with specific names if interested.