LA County's New Guidelines 3/21

Looks like the verbiage for our inspection’s is pretty clearly defined as essential in LA County, as well as construction activities, both of which are exempt and considered essential.

We’re supposed to post a sign at entry, and a couple twists, we’re supposed to be the one’s to enforce social distancing and provide hand washing station or sanitizer. I’d think some clean towels and soap or hand sanitizer would suffice.

Here’s the updated link for LA County, not sure how things are looked at in rest of Cali.


Thanks for posting Tim. That seems similar to Illinois’s current guidelines. That home inspections are essential, if nothing else to the economy. Though some on this MB disagree.

It’s still a bit unorganized, and while I’m trying to still work and comply… folks still want so much to be there/follow us around while promising “we’ll be careful” but multiply that out a number times in our trades… creates a possibility for an adverse outcome. In coming weeks and hopefully not months, it’s best not to have anyone there who absolutely doesn’t need to be… just those who are needed for access, I can’t imagine that services like ours are being deemed essential, would be though in the same if the buyers and their family coming along to “check things out”

Listing Agents Responsibility

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:heavy_check_mark: Health and safety that is what the inspector does right?

The ‘Nanny State’ strikes again. Then if someone gets sick at a home inspection they know who to sue. Too bad we live in a time where everyone wants to abdicate their responsibility (personal safety) to someone else. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

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