La Sécurité Électrique

La Sécurité Électrique

Your barn is on fire?

James, the only “barn on fire” is a necessary commitment that will cement InterNACHI as the biggest and best inspection association north of the border, period, and this amidst several “opposing voices” (especially* DAFFY and DONALD*) who seem to be intent at making this not work! This is of course, not official InterACHI policy but my interpretation.


Attached is a pic of DAFFY & DONALD reminisce about old times.:wink:

Can anyone guess who is DAFFY and who is DONALD?

You guys are building quite a reputation!

I’ll give a hint, one likes to look important and the other one quack, quack and quack…

I am far from opposing a InterNachi Professional group in Quebec!
What I am opposed to is the way it is being done.

One does not like to accurately nor willing answer questions that have been asked.

you are a good mud stinger and leaned how to evade and be deceptive doing so.

Every time a member reached out to me I was there.
I heard disparaging remarks and asked a member to meet me to defend himself.

Yes, I see evasion at all cost.

No issues.
I am not dispensing medical advice or racist slurs and I answer any questions.

That’s what separates me for you and others.

Quack, quack, quack…

As expressed.
Too bad.
So sad.

Quack, quack, quack…:roll::roll::roll:

Excuse me Nick.
Thank you for the La Sécurité Électrique.

Excusez-moi Nick.
Merci pour la Sécurité Électrique La.

DAFFY & DONALD ALLCAPS have left the building…

Not for a very very very long time!

Well, Holy Baloney, people know what "They is all about "!!!