Lab fees

I see in inspector outlet that there are air-o-cell cassettes for $25 including lab fee. My question is does anyone know the turn around time that is included for that price? I set up an account with EMSL because they are not far from me and I got pricing but it seems high. For a 2 week turn around it is $43. Is that around what everyone else is paying? For 72 hr it is $62.


That’s expensive. Does it include the air-o-cell?

No that does not. I went there and they charged me $50 for a 10 pack.

Frank what turn around time do you usually use for your jobs?

I was quoted 3 hr, 24hr, 72hr starting at, I think $30. I have to check. I also paid $50 for the 10 pack.

LOL I was quoted for 3 hrs $195 and for 24 hr $74.50!!


Do they know you’re a business? I think that’s the normal civilian rate… 24hrs should be $30 for you at EMSL

Yes I set up an account with them as a business. I have a rep that I have been talking to his name is Jeromy Bish. Maybe I need to talk to someone else?

maybe. You would think you and I would be quoted the same. My contact is Jason McDonald. I remember the first time I used them they charged me that $74.50 and I called and asked what happened to $30 and they said they forgot and adjusted it.

Yeah something is not right. I just emailed the rep.

$20 for same day at InspectorLab. And they make a determination. Been using them for a few months and I have nothing negative to say.

Try Hayes Microbial. The cost and turnaround is very reasonable.

Patriot Lab in San Diego. Close enough for me to drop off. $30 72 hr, $40 24hr, and $50 4hr.

Hi Manny!

The price on inspector outlet includes the Air-O-Cell **and **the lab fee. The turnaround time for results is 24 hours. We were the first and as far as I know the only AIHA accredited laboratory to make a determination on the results based on the comparison sample. This is an option and can be turned on and off in your preferences when you open an account.

24hrs plus transit time and $25 plus shipping.

Ok I got a response from the EMSL rep who stated he can work with me on the rates and sent a new quote which is $30 for 24 hrs. Not sure why the difference but being I can drop off sample I will try them out. I would be willing to try prolab but I am a little leery based on some previous posts.

That’s funny. EMSL just called me and quoted $25 for 24hr. They must be monitoring this thread. :grinning:

Why would you want to use a lab that provides inspection services such as yourself and competes for the same client as you do? Does Patriot offer Inspection & Consulting services for mold?

Yes they do. Does EMSL?

Contact Mike Hertz at Pro Lab and get your account set up. They are an accredited lab, so dont be trick by others that are not. I been using them for years. If I need advice or help with questions I call Mike. If I want to talk direct with lab people he forwards me through to them. They are there and do answer the phone. Once they recieve my samples, turn around time is within 24 hours. Never been late. I order my AOC from them direct but recently discovered inspector outlet has AOC and if you use “InterNachi” promo code you get a 5% discount.