Lab fees

Dangit! They just lowered my price last week to $29.50. And, yes they are monitoring this site. I posted replied to a post about another lab and had a phone call from my EMSL rep 3 hours later saying that “higher ups” saw the post and wanted her to call me.
For what it’s worth, though. EMSL still has my business.

EMSL does not provide mold inspections and consulting. EMSL strictly provides laboratory services, sampling & investigative equipment and training.

John - If you ever get tired of dealing with Mike at your current lab, EMSL has lab around the corner from you in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can reduce your laboratory result times by dealing with a local lab as well as your shipping costs.

Are these mold report formats useful to inspectors?

Spore Trap Assessment Report

Surface Contamination Assessment Report

Email I belive quoted me 32.50 for 72 hour turn around. I have currently not selected a lab but I am leaning towards EMSL. I believe it is $20 to ship to them.

I just started with EMSL and they are great. They have been responsive and helpful to say the least. I appreciate a company that gives good service for when you pay for something, I have to sell myself all day every day and it irritates me when I have to chase companies to give them my money. EMSL’s prices were roghly the same as all others and if I pay them a couple of bucks more for ease and convenience so be it, its money well spent. I could probably save $4 per sample and at the end of the year have an extra couple of hundred bucks in my pocket but if you are going to do mold testing cover the cost of quality lab service in what you charge your customer.

They provide free mailing envelopes for orders over $100.