Lab Testing Company

Does anyone have experience with the below company?? If so fill us all in.
I am not in the market for a new lab just info on the below company.
They keep calling me and I wanted to learn more about them from the members.

[FONT=Arial]SanAir Technologies Laboratory is an AIHA accredited laboratory]( and a preferred laboratory of Environmental Solutions Association (ESA). We have been providing our clients with the [FONT=Arial]BEST OVERALL VALUE in the industry and would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you. Some of our value-added benefits include;[/FONT][/FONT]
1). Access to three PhD’s who have a wealth of knowledge in the IAQ industry
2). Quick turnaround times on sample analysis
3). Highest quality reports to include online reporting
4). Compassionate customer service that meets YOUR NEEDS
5). FREE FedEx overnight shipping of your Microbial samples - no minimum required

6). $23 analytical rates with our “Get Started” promotion - see attached for details
7). EXPERT Legionella analysis using the most technologically advanced equipment and processes available