Lack of listed b-vent transition adapter

Do you call out lack of listed adapter used to transition from single wall to b-vent?

Yes, it is, typically, required by manufacturers.

I think you were the only one and I am the only 2nd :smiley:

Huh…would more inspectors prefer this?:

Compliments of Blue Palmetto Home Inspection

I honestly don’t know if they (HIs) understand… the issue is the HVAC guys are doing it. Look at this mess (screws, plastic straps, no clearance, no transition adapter, new install with reuse of old b-vent):

Yes, quite a mess! :flushed:

Many of the HVAC guys just want to get it done quickly, They don’t care if its correct!
That, unfortunately, is getting more common in many of the trades.

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That is a true fact, Get her done boys. :crazy_face:

I have particularly noted the “slap-dash git 'er done” attitude with people contracting as installers for the “big-box” (and some smaller box also) outfits. The box hires them to “install” a “whatever, name the item” and that is EXACTLY what they do. The box gives them the item and they do not carry other potentially need items accessory items like proper transition fittings, hanger material, etcetera on their truck.They place the item, utilize whatever may have been in place regardless of present day safety guidelines, plug the item in and go. Remember, they are paid a minimum number of dollars to do as many installs a day as they possibly can. If they do not meet the “production guidelines” they don’t get the jobs. So - what incentive is there to do the job correctly.

Yeap, 100% on the subcontract work… the other part of the issue is 9 out of 10 inspectors in my area would make no comment about that b-vent pic I posted. So everything is good until the house is up in smokes down the road.