Ladder CATy Ladder Rack

I’m asking about an aluminum trailer hitch receiver mounted ladder rack that slides into your hitch receiver and locks your ladder to your vehicle using locking trailer hitch pins. It also folds away from your vehicle so you can access your trunk, rear hatch, tailgate, etc. It’s on a website for insurance adjusters ( but I think would be great for home inspectors.

Do any of you have any experience with this ladder rack? I’m considering buying one so I can stop driving my truck and switch to small car that gets better gas mileage (when gas prices go up again I don’t want to be stuck losing money on inspections).

It’s listed at

Another note: I just got a Werner MT-17 Ladder and love it!



I haven’t used one of those but it looks like it would be in the way of accessing the storage for your vehicle.

For inspectors working out of a non commercial vehicle. Great idea for a homeowner!

…and my guess Brad is a vendor.

…and I do not like his sales approach being brought to us as a consumer.