Ladder extension

The hardest part for me is getting on and off the ladder at the roof edge. I was thinking of buying this. Does anyone use this? How are they?

Looks interesting. I’d like to hear from those who use it as well.

Another person at the base of the ladder, a spotter, is the safest; especially over 18 feet. I have heard of too many injuries from ladder and roof falls at hospitals. I have 3 sister-in-laws, all nurses.

climbing on sils is a slippery slope in any state

true that…

If you expect someone to hold the ladder while you are 18’ above it is not physically possible.

Yes, I have used them and they work great. Just a little added weight at the top of the ladder.

use the stand off, even before HI-inspections, keeps the gutters the way they were, no dents etc…

Yea. I would think it would make the ladder difficult to balance while carrying and a challenge to tilt a tall one upright. My 32 footer is heavy already.

That’s why I went with the 28ft, I knew the extra four feet would kill me :slight_smile: