Ladder Safety. Please proof this new inspection article.

Nice Nick, we can never be safe enough in a ladder.

Maybe we should all add this as part of the ladder accessory to make them safer.


In the first section for telescoping ladders…

I think it would read better if the words “be aware” were used instead of beware. By using beware, it feels like an opinion has already been imposed by the writer instead of supplying information and letting the reader make up their own mind.


he distance of non-self-supporting ladders from the structure. This type of ladder must lean against a wall or other support, so they should be positioned at such an angle that the horizontal distance from the top support to the foot of the ladder is about 1/4 the working length of the ladder. A rough method to test this angle is by placing your toes at the base of the ladder and **stretching your arm. Your hand should just touch the ladder;

I** would mention stretching is done at shoulder height .
When I took two different ladder training courses i was taught to slightly bend the elbow and grab the rails for proper angle.
Most fiberglass ladders also have a small l shaped icon on the rail that will go perfectly vertical (straight up and down) when the correct angle is placed so that guess work s not needed.
I also recommend claws at the bottom to dig into ice and dirt to prevent slippage.

Done. Can you post a link that has more info about the vertical icon? Sounds interesting.

Done. thanks guys

So Bob are you going to buy another ladder now??
That fold up Warner er Werner is a scary beast… Talk about loose joints and height?
The longer they get the “looser” they feel… Cheap ladder are expensive in other way… HOSPITAL vist…

That"s why I am going to be using the Aerostar once snow hits.
Double insurance on the car beats cost of hospital visits.

I truly hate multi-ladders.

I would add that when using fiberglass ladders to check for cracks in the fiberglass before using a ladder. Can be a problem, especially if you use your ladder in cold weather.

Also, when using an extension ladder be sure that you can handle it safely by yourself to avoid accidents and injury. If you need a longer ladder, you will need someone to help you manuever it also.

I pulled my van out of the garage to get to my fiberglass ladder (started after sitting all summer)(92 Ford Aerostar).
Feel bad because the darn sticker is peeled off.
Ok now I feel like a lier and do not see a picture of it anywhere on the internet ,so I will go to the store and take a pic to save face.

Meanwhile here is a great Power point on ladder safety.

Here you go Bob. I was taught the same way as this and never had a problem.

Forgot the link.

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Does not show the sticker.

Damn, your demanding Bob. :mrgreen::wink: It’s on the other side of the ladder.

most people always wonder what is leaning to far on a ladder? i would like to see that defined. the last saftey course i took the osha instructer cited the belt buckle rule. meaning that your belt buckle shall not pass outside of the rails of the ladder

Here you go Bob, and man, I hope this is what you wanted. :mrgreen::wink:

Meanwhile if you get the perfect angle you can take a Permanant Marker and a straight edge to mark a line on the side rail.
Put it about shoulder high and next time you pull up the ladder you can line it up easy.


A picture speaks a thousand words.