Ladder Tip-O-The-Day

Post photo’s whenever possible, please!!


That’s fancy Jeffrey, I like it :ok_hand:

One can make his own quickly with a section of pipe insulation like armaflex.


Good idea JJ…thanks

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Or pool noodles like in Jeff’s photo

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I left you a message about possible work.
Might have 30 single family homes & 9 duplexes.
Total of 48 units.

True, but Armaflex doesn’t have the thickness and firm cushion a ‘pool noodle’ has… and a noodle is only $1 at the dollar store!


That ladder is unsafe.

Best ladder safety standards require that ladders used to gain access to the roof or other area shall extend at least 3 feet above the roof. This provides a point of support when stepping onto the roof.

This picture is totally unsafe.

Terrible ladder tip.



You assume the ladder is in place to access the roof. Not a good trait for a Professional Home Inspector!

ALSO… I personally would never access that roof at that location at that pitch and with all that loose debris to slip and fall! Just sayin’.

Now that’s a Tip worth knowing!!


THANK YOU Matt Durst for the phone call.
We’ll get it done accurately! :cowboy_hat_face:

Jeffrey, a wise man once told me-

“you get out of it what you put into it”

Maybe you should have stated the intended use of the ladder in the original post, it would help eliminate assumptions. Also the ladder looks to be a bit vertical, what happened to the 4 to 1 rule. We don’t want anyone to fall backwards and injure themselves do we.

The ladder angle is difficult to tell without a fuller picture or side shot. The angle of the light and the differing camera position make it look like a staged shot, but that’s an assumption that JJ can answer.

Maybe the intention of the post was to prevent / lessen gutter damage due to ladder use? If it were to prevent sliding I would tie wrap or glue the pieces on.

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They need gutter guards!! :laughing:

Apologies as I have sunken to Jeffrey’s level. Just a little return fire from a previous thread. I understand and respect the intent of the post.

Correct, thus the title…“Tip-O-The-Day” not “How to use…”.

Note: The sections of ‘noodle’ are not affixed with tape or glue so they can be re-positioned for the home being inspected. Simply slide them up or down (to get your 3 feet as Ben pouted about)!


Thanks for the tip Jeffrey. Jeesh! …these wasted young minds!

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Density is not the factor, prevention of abrasion on the gutter finish is. One can use a rag and accomplish the same thing.
And since my armaflex is available to me that works.
By the way, pool noodles cost more than $1.

Okay, you don’t like dollar store prices, so here’s Target… $1.99 :roll_eyes:

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I knew you were a cheap shopper? LOL

No, just practical. In my small town, the Dollar Store, Target, and Walmart are pretty much my only choices, and all are within 1/2 mile of each other. I can get in and out of a Dollar Store in 2 minutes. Walmart takes me 2 minutes just to get around the barricades to get in the store. Target just plain sux. It’s a ‘no-brainer’!

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