Little Giant 17 foot ladder on sale till Dec 21 . $117.77

I have had mine for 16 years still works great ZCI6IjY2NDcifQ%3D%3D &utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5114b&utm_source=1022&cid=mEmail_s1022_c5114b

If that’s at Harbor Freight, I don’t think it’s “Little Giant”. It’s Little Giant “like”.

Blow up the picture sure looks like it is a little giant
see the reports of those who bought one they also say little giant

Not a Little Giant

I guess the best is to go see it in the store to be sure as to what make it is.

Lowes has the werner 17 foot version on sale for $99



Thanks Roy as long as the apporiate labels are present , it does not matter what brand it has is does it.

Some are a little heavier .
I have the light weight little Giant not been made for many years .
At 79 I am glad as I find my sons regular little Giant hard to handle .

Let’s just say the quality of the merchandise from Harbor freight is not always the highest.

Buyer beware.

It may be fine it may not.

I just bought the LG 17’ Conquest. In stealth black. Great ladder.

Have you had a bad experience if so please post it for all to see.

Yes I have bought much from them and it is some times not the best quality but it is usually much cheaper.

Buyer beware should always be done .
I have also bought things from the other big box stores that was not the best quality.

I for one don’t even go there anymore.
When they first opened here I bought everything from pneumatic impact tool and even tie straps. All have been in the dumpster a long time ago.
I got some heavy duty impact sockets and they busted.
A 2 ton floor jack that lasted about 3 years.

You just agreed with me.

Are you sure you meant to do that?:roll::roll:

We are going to have to put this one in the INACHI archive for prosperity’s sake…

So where do you go now .

I come from Canada and have to hit as Many stores as possible when we come down.

I’d go anywhere but there.

Home duty use at the lower end.

Some things are total junk at harbor freight and some things are really good deals. Its hit or miss.

I have used the harbor freight 17ft ladder for about 2 years. Its feels solid and works perfectly for me day in and day out. It is not made by “little giant”…it was made by “Vulan” and it is made in china. If it was the same price, I would buy a Werner over the HF, but overall I think its a good ladder. I am sure I will be using it for many years to come.