The biggest problem with telesteps or extend and climb ladders is failing to ensure ALL the locks are in place. I’ve used both for 15 years and have yet to have a problem.

When I closed my construction construction company, I sold my vans, racks, ladders, and bought an F-150. Got the Werner 18’ 3-section extension and the Werner 26’ telescoping multi-position type IA ladder (62lb) for my inspections. They both fold up to fit in my short bed perfectly. Anything higher than 26’ and I’m not going up (too old and bad knees).

That’s the Werner I got! LOL! I LOVE IT, but sometimes the attic doesn’t play nice as far as the lid going back by using the ladder, that’s why I’m thinking an A Frame. Might just use my 8 ft A Frame… no sense spending a TON of money just because the business is picking up, gotta put some of that in the rainy day fund…

I have the little giant m23, and it’s the scariest feeling in the world climbing it fully extended and watching those hinges flex. It’s supposed to be good to 300 lbs, and I weigh 190, but it honestly doesn’t feel that safe to me. I dread having to use it fully extended. It’s great for split entrys and bungalows however. Still looking for the perfect solution for 2 stories. I’ve had a ladder snap in two on me before, and another ladder fall which essentially ended my contracting career and got me into inspecting, so I’m getting more cautious in my old age (33 years old, lol).

I had Emergency Hernia surgery in April. It basically cost me the month. As you all know, the market is incredible and I was averaging 70 per month prior to surgery. Having to come back as fast as possible, I bought the one item I said I would never buy: a telescoping ladder. Mainly, so that I could come back in three weeks instead of after the normal six weeks. The telescoping ladder that I purchased was pretty heavy duty (or so I thought), at 23 pounds.

The first five usages went well. In fact, I thought I may even like the ladder. However, on the six usage, the top no longer retracted (and still does not to this moment) and the ladder collapsed on me. Luckily, I was in an attic hatch and could hold onto the sides and slide myself down the wall.

I typically use a Werner 16 foot, what I would call an A-frame ladder. I drive a Ford transit connect, the smallest version and it slides in nicely.

I am still using what I call the deathtrap ladder for small climbs where the A-frame ladder will not get in as well. I did try to climb to the top of a double wide with the telescoping deathtrap ladder the other day and decided that I was not going to pursue the rooftop with this particular ladder. It feels that unstable. I rarely get on a roof any longer and simply use a drone or my favorite tool, the spectoscope. If you do not have one, I highly recommend this over any ladder for roof surfaces. Ladder injuries are some of the worst in the trades. I honestly feel that telescoping ladders should be taken off the market and recalled because they are so dangerous.

My best to all and hope that you are all having a great second quarter and year.

What brand of telescoping ladder (deathtrap) that you bought failed on you?