Lady needs info

I got a cold call from a lady that has a less than year old home with a signifiant leak in the basement and now structural issues…

while she has tired to get the builder to correct the issue after three failed fixes, she is going to hire an attorney.

To make a very long story short…

she would like to read up on the subject…

I would like to give her some info on proper construction and water drainage.

I see lots of posts about what is wrong with solutions / approaches for corrective actions, that some companies use / promote.

What I am looking for is information on recommendations on standard construction practices.

Thanks in advance.

If this was me I would pas her onto an Engineer .

I agree…

I did recommend an engineer…

she has had 4 quotes to fix the water issue…

The builder has tried on their own and failed three times…

The lady is not a client… just trying to help her…

Just tell her what every home inspector recommends - raise the grading and slope it away from the house and then add downspout extensions. :wink:

In all honesty, don’t act like a professional and/or expert if you’re not, especially with talk of litigation. Don’t give professional/expert advise on causes/remedies if you’re not a professional and/or expert and since you’re coming here for advice, one can assume you’re not an expert/professional. We’re just a bunch of dumb home inspectors. :smiley:
An inspector purpose is to find issues. The issue has been found already.
Now if she or her lawyer wants to hire you for your professional opinion and documentation of the already found issue(s), then so be it.

I had a similar call , passed it to a engineer , worked out great for her

If your qualified it is very helpful to work with a engineer. I just got this Email from a Engineer working on the home that I did the IR work on


Your documentation and findings were excellent. It was a very good report. I think it further substantiates the problems for the XXXXXX home.

hmmmm, well for one thing, sounds like the BUILDER is also like quite a few home inspectors on this–subject. That means, not an expert on this subject, sheesh really, apparently duh builder tried 3 times, 3 supposed fixes. Sounds like the same old bulllshtt to me = incompetence on…this subject.
Never said all HI’s suck at everything they do.

Issues have been found…? Really? loool If the actual issues were found then in my g dang opinion they should have been correctly fixed/repaired and, I didn’t read that in Perrys post. 'Tried 3 times and failed, hmmmmm. Again, sure appears as though somebody doesn’t know wtf they’re doing and THAT is a lot of what I post about and back up… exxxcuse me now, i have gas, will try and send it ALL in the builders direction, got gas?

This guy, company (all due respect BUTT), would likely tell peeps he is an expert on this subject YET, like some home inspectors who dkkk–headedly think they know everything on this subject, doesn’t COMPREHEND what one, an expert, SHOULD to do ummm, do the BEST job they could for, the homeowner.

:50—:55 in video, that’s what the inside of quite a few basement walls or crawl walls look like and, the problems and ONLY solution is, on the exterior. Rarely hear that from those same HI’s, yep, its always dumb shtt like… Oh just raise and slope the grade, or attach 29 mile long downspout ext’s, or install an interior system and sump, ALL dumb azz recommendations and imo any HI recommending these kinds of incompetent moronic supposed solutions to unknowing homeowners need to at least COUGH UP their inspection fee, becccccuase your dumb az recommendation should not have been made and costs many homeowners/BUYERS…money!!! looolll

12:10 – 13: 15 most or all of the problems, where water etc is first entering, he says ‘we’re going to FILL ALL this up’, no he/they didn’t fill ALL those voids/openings up…watch 13:30-----13:40 shttt, they didn’t fill/seal that shtt correctly, NO pro there, rookies. Plus they put in a sump pump, don’t need it! God

And then, they slop on the rubber shtt and don’t use/apply any visqueen or other membrane, another misssstake!
Hardly the best one could do for the wall, for those openings, for the homeowner!!!

Then, they dump in x-amount of bags of gravel/rock and backfill with what HE even called shttty azz soil…again, a mistake, not the best one could and should have done for the wall, for the homeowner BUTTTTT, I bet he charged the homeowner more than 3 cents, likely a lot more than even my dumb azz would have… you can’t see the bulshtt, the incompetence? Tthe homeowner got GYPPED, these guys are hacks on this subject, period.