Lake Norfolk, Arkansas trip

Anyone have any vacation tips for this area? We are headed down there this week and looking for any info on area. We have a boat and cabin set up already. Was wondering about cave tours or any great waterfalls in area?
Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

Mighty good fishing down there, Jamie. I went down two summers ago and had a blast.

General info -
Fishing -

Have a fun (& safe) trip…

  • Eric

Thanks Eric- I plan on fishing, alot! The hubby and I will go in the am while my 2 teenage daughters are still sleeping. That is assuming he wakes up, if not he will get left behind, too.:slight_smile:
Though I like to have him drive the boat so that I can indulge in ice cold bud lights! (generally not first thing in the morning-but its vacay-so who knows!)

The sun’ll be over the yardarm somewhere . . .

Russel, Thats right!:slight_smile: