Laminated flooring from China

I just had my first request to have laminated flooring from China checked or tested to see if it is the type with the excessive formaldehyde. Who tests it and who do I contact? I am in Port Charlotte, FL.

Phil Shaw

EMSL labs will do it, but they need a 2" sample and it’s not cheap, over 250 as I recall

I’d stay away from that.
You will spend way more time than you want and who will offer to pay for your time?

Yes, most specialized testing you need to price high, because the time involved is a lot more and the extra costs. I was asked to test a new camper that was off gasing, a couple months back. About time I rent the equipment, shipped the equipment back and spent all the time refreshing myself on the standard, I had to price the job at about $860, just to make the same amount of money as normal inspection or testing.

Call Dr. Sobek at Assured Bio labs in Oak Ridge TN. He was supposed to be making a special test canister just for this type of flooring.

You can also check out Prism Labs. They have a voc test kit that will do formaldehyde.