Land America

I am considering going to work as an employee for Land America as a home inspector. Does anyone know of them or work for them? I would appreciate comments (Good Or Bad):neutral:

Roy Drangstveit

It depends on what you are looking for and what is important to you. I have been with LandAmerica for three years now since the company I was with was bought by them. Probably the number one benefit of being a part of such a large company is the benefits themself. As a family man, that has become important to me. You are covered by disability insurance in the event you can not work, a very affordable health insurance plan through anthem, 401k with 4% match, employee stock option, bonus based on your performance, 3 million dollar e&o with realtor coverage. They will probably provide you with a lap top computer, printer, excellent marketing materials. If Landamerica has a presence in your city it should be a positive move for you.


When I started out, I explored possible opportunities with this company. When asked if I could send them my list of agent contacts, which is zero, the party was over. :wink:

yeah. you have to have a good book of business to be a part of LandAmerica Property Inspections. They typically are not interested in rookies. If you have a strong referral base these real estate agents hire you for you, regardless of what company you are with. Landamerica offers a great benefit package and expects you to pull your own weight.

I take it you still work for Landamerica right now. Are they doing a reimbursement program for mileage driven by an inspector? I was told that this is something they offer, but I was not sure it has been put into affect yet.

Roy Drangstveit