Land measurement info wanted

This isn’t related to an inspection but they somebody here might know the answers. How is land measured when it is on a very steep hill or even a cliff?
If I had flat land 100 feet horizontally, is it the same as 100ft of steep hill as if it were flat and measured the same even though tape measured length is longer? Get my drift?

Hold the tape measure in your right hand and give the other end
of the tape to your favorite Realtor.

Tell them to start walking… and when you hear them hit the
bottom and the screaming stops… read the tape measure.


I’m sorry…

That is where land surveyors come to mind! The answer to your question is not based on distance of the incline. Although John’s suggestion could prove interesting!

Added reference link:
or another interesting paper -

You actually own more land. Considering that when you buy property you are buying many levels of property.

Think of it as a triangle. Measure the lines of the property and then imagine a pyramid going down into the ground. At the bottom there is a point. This is the very bottom of the land rights that you own. Now, if you own on an incline your pyramid is going to include much more land that if you own land on a flat. You own the surface rights, the subsurface rights, the mineral rights and the air rights above you.

Depending on whether or not the land ends at the top of the incline or at the bottom of a hill on the other side, determines how much land you really own. But most likely it will always be more raw, actual land than if you purchase flat property.