Landlord's Nightmare

I had a call from a lady who owns multiple properties in TwinCities, MN, she had problems with tenants, who were smocking inside of the rental home., Every time she stopped for the inspection they told her that nobody smokes there. Since it was kinda new to me I did an investigation and even made a movie, please watch it: Landlord's Nightmare - YouTube


That is a pretty good video Yury. You should have narrated it entirely in your voice though. Your accent and tone really lends itself to this type of thing. :+1:

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I loved the video, great start and informative. I totally agree with Ryan, you have a movie start voice…I wanted more of it. Awesome job.

Thanks, Ryan my heavy Russian accent is very annoying for some people.
Here is another one:


I enjoy your videos but the computer voice is distracting. You voice would come across just fine.

Answer: install smoking detectors

I bailed on the first video quite quickly, the opening sequence is too long and the narration is brutal.

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