Landscape vitality inspections

I climbed trees for years and became a NJ. certified tree expert. I offer a Landscape Vitality inspection, where I name and inspect every plant on the property for diseases, insects and pruning needs, as an ancillary inspection. Fits right in with radon, mold, pool and plants. 25% of the folks want it.

Wow. That is awesome. Good job.

Chuck are you a HI or tree climber or both. I’m just south of you and like that idea. I’ll give you a call for the new year.


   I don't climb many tree's, but I sure enough have had my share in timbering.   I had an accident earlier this year where a tree came back on me and I have been timbering for 30 years. I suffered a couple of broken bones and my fair share of bruises. I am lucky to be alive.  I am still not able to manoeuvre crawlspaces yet and got dizzy the last time I walked a roof. I am going to be as good as new soon, I hope. The point in my post is to be extra careful at all times and to have someone with you, just in case you need them. Be careful and good luck with both of your businesses.

Interesting idea. I’ve had a landscape company tor the last 15 years could be something I can use and do