Laptop in the Automobile

I’m thinking of either buying, or making, a stand for my laptop… Can’t seem to find any for less than $230!!! I found a DIY project when searching, , but figured I would see what my fellow inspectors were using… Gotta love the ingenuity!!!

There are a couple for sale on ebay right now, looks like they are going for about 50.00 for the Jotto vehicle desks.

I’ll check them out…

I saw a company on the cat adjusters message board that makes them for around 50 dollars.

Feline Chiropractic message board?

Looked around on the CAT message board and am still searching for the company… I’m in no hurry, so I can take my time… Thanks for the link, Greg

I found the site for laptop mounts.

Thanks again, Greg… I saw it while searching on EBay. I’m off to NYC tomorrow, so I’m not ordering anything till next week… Looking forward to your ICC Boot Camp here in Tampa…

If you want a great mount…I would stay away from Jotto Desk. Here are a few mounts that I am very familiar with. And most police departments use these across the US and abroad. Do a google search for LedCo mounts, Gamber Mounts, L&E Mounts and Precision Mounts. These are about the best of the best. They always say to do it right the first time around and save you money latter. Good luck! - Matt

PS - Soon to be a member and a HI. Going through school as we speak! See ya’ all soon!

Funny that came up because I’m going to ask the PD here in Temple Terrace where they get their’s from (I’m a FF/Paramedic here in the “Terrace”)… Maybe I’ll get lucky and get one at a discount…

I bought this mounting unit for my company van for my laptop. It works real well. I wasnt sure if it was going to be good because it was cheaper than most of the other mounts but I am real happy with it. Hope this helps.

Bennco Communications - my company - that outfitted police and fire depts for many years has some information

  1. One mount does not work for all autos and or equipment

  2. Mounts that can use seat belts are very good if one moves from car to car and takes equipment in at night or in to the client

  3. Wood is still a good material to use for mounting equipment

  4. Watch out for cables under carpet

  5. Some carpet will run like a cheap pair of hose

  6. Some laptops are crap in the daylight and too bright at nite

  7. Using a laptop while driving can get you hurt

  8. Plan for clean 12 DC power or a 120 volt inverter and NO wire pollution

  9. Plan for all equipment to get stolen in some areas of the country so backup

  10. Go to a professional installer - He might be able to help you better than Ebay


Much thanks to everyone!!!

Here is a collection of pictures of various types of laptop mounts that I stumbled upon.
Lots of good ideas for building your own…:razz:…TOPIC_ID=40616