Laptops, Tablets, and Printers in the field.

Here is my question. In Michigan we have some extremes in weather. How do the available tablets and printers work in the temperature extremes? Do you leave the printer in your truck and then print the report there or do you have to move to a warmer or cooler environment?


I use a Toshiba Portege tablet.

I stopped printing onsite for numerous reasons. When I do take my tablet I use in the heated comfort of my truck.

I find emailing the client/realtor that same day is working best for me.


I set my laptop up in the kitchen. Don’t they have HVAC in Michigan?

A lot of the homes I inspect are repos or vacant and the heat is turned way down if on at all. Those are the ones I worried about.

Must make it kind of tough to check the heating if the dang thing is turned off.

Sure does. That’s where disclaimers come into the report

The issue tablet users run into here in S. Florida is keeping the thing dry… I don’t mean outta the rain but making sure to place it on the poolside table before jumping in to cool off during those intense summer inspections.
Further, it’s just as important to keep in from melting on those same ultra-hot & ultra-humid days… voice-recognition also suffers a bit when the microphone is covered in sweat…