Largest group of Certified Master Inspectors announces drone roof inspections.

Visit their website here:

Target painted… enter FAA and DHS.

Very cool.

Nice big company to make an example of.

Especially with the full backing of…

You need to be on the approved FAA list to use drones for commercial related real estate use

I’m thinking that the inspection company would have researched this prior to buying these devices… No?

Sometimes greed overrules reality.

FAA not prosecuting inspectors. They are still rule making.

“Sometimes greed overrules reality”
~Grandma Jonas~

I posted this on another thread about drones.

I have a friend who runs a helicopter service. He says that you will not be able to fly drones of any kind within 5 miles of any airport, or over any crowd over 50 people. This includes suburban or farm airports. Flying altitude will be limited to 300 feet in any direction. Must be kept in line of site. Daylight only.

He, and many other fellow pilots, are not happy with any drone use. Pilots are pushing, and will win he says.