largest multi-inspector firm in the United States

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Doing some research and was just wondering…Can anyone list the 3 largest multi-inspector firms in the United States? I’m not referring to franchises like Pillar to Post, Amerispec, etc. I am referring to one company with multiple inspectors. Up here in Canada, I would have to say that Carson Dunlop is the largest multi-inspector firm.
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USinspect is far and away the largest, I know #2 used to be Tiger up in New England, there are several around the country that could be in the top 5 (15-20 inspectors)



I can tell you which one has the largest Inspector…:slight_smile:

The largest multi-inspector firms are the states of Texas, Kansas, and North Carolina.

The inspectors all work for the applicable state Realtor association.

Pithy Jim very pithy LOL



I think WIN and USInspect both are franchises.

Countrywide in my area had seven inspectors a couple of years ago. Not sure where they stand now.

WIN and USInspect are franchises.

There was one near me that had 30 but they fell apart a few years ago. I’ve heard they’re back at 10 now.

Tiger in New England - 35+ inspectors!

WIN is certainly a franchise but I don’t believe USinspect is one



So they say.

They lost a lot of inspectors within the last two years.

Either way, they are indeed a big company.

James is correct again. However, if Cap and Trade passes, the feds will be doing all of the home inspections, and all state licensing rules, regs, laws will all be out the window… Then, we will be working for the federal government, if we so choose to do so.

18000 inspections in 1 year I find that hard to believe.

Does that mean we get their health coverage as well? :wink:

The largest multi-inspector firm in St. Louis is owned by a realtor who sends inspectors out with checklists, no cameras, and with the understanding that 90 minutes at one site is too long and could get them fired. The are expected to fulfill a quota of 4 to 5 per day (this was a few years back when time was good) and, at the time, there were five of them.

That is 1250 per year for five guys. 35 guys doing the same thing would do 8, 750 inspections in a year.

This would mean that these 35 inspectors had to do more than 10 per day, each.

What a rip off of the public.

Sure! it comes with the free cool-aid. The only thing you are asked to give up is your independence. You need never feel compelled to aspire to set or achieve any goal ever again.

Check your math: 18,000 inspections by 35 inspectors is a little over 500/yr/inspector. Still too many for quality IMO, but not totally outlandish.


How are you coming up with that number?

I’ve talked to numerous Tiger inspectors and most of them tell me that they are part-time inspectors. So they are probably doing 3-5 a week.

Said it on their website.

We provide a full range of home inspections including conventional, VA, FHA, HUD and a number of other programs. Our company has conducted more than 18, 000 inspections over the past year.