Largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. Detroit goes under.

More to follow?

If the Fed bails out Detroit (with our money), other cities will want a bail out too. This could be the start of a chain reaction.

As a Michigander, I have a unique perspective. I live north of center on the lower peninsula. We Northerners and Yoopers (that someone that lives in the Upper Peninsula, also known as the U.P.) are sick and tired of paying extra taxes for the large cities in the south like Detroit and Flint. We get little to NONE of the benefits the south gets, We pay more in gas, little-no Public transportation, no publicly funded museums, we pay more in food, our public schools receive several thousands less per student per year, while Detroit manages to rack up a 14 Billion dollar tab. (with rampant fraud I might add)

I suggest Detroit solve their own problems. I am sick of it. Can we build a wall around it and claim its part of Ohio?

I would add, This is a fake promo for Cleveland… They say there is truth in humor.

There was a news story the other day about Colorado wanting to split for pretty much the same reasons.

When the shooting had stopped in 1814 Detroit had been captured by the Brits, but because the Brits, with some help from the colony that would later become Canada, had won the war, they made the US take it back.