Laser Temp-Gun Infrared Thermometer

Apples and Oranges.

Never said it was high end buddy but how many 300 dollar power toold you ever buy for a job and they sit for the next 5 years.

H.Front is for those guys.

Again and I repeat “again” learn how to check stuff out for yourself.
I go to a garage sale and can find c.r.a.p for 50 cent but sometimes I get excellent bargains and certainly that applies here.

I can go through the catalog at the next NACHI meeting with you and tell you what to get or not get.:wink:

Certainly would not recommend guys buy blind online however but we are lucky to have Illinois tool company right here (harbor Freight)


Out of those two, I would go with the Klein. If you do buy the Klein, for the best accuracy, buy the one with the dual laser pointer. It will show you the spread when shooting something at a distance.



I have used the expensive Klein models for Hazmat and they worked very well…good accuracy and distance.

For home inspections I simply have found the Harbor Freight model to be sufficient. I am not shooting great distances and am more concerned with seeing a temperature difference than anything. I use it to check for heat at the registers and hitting the fridge, frrezer, and oven for function. I use a digital thermometer with probe for temperature differential in the heating/cooling system.

To answer your question I would go with the Klein over the Milwaukee if you have narrowed it to those choices.

I have the Klein and have been very happy with it.

As for the H.F. discussion… some stuff is worth the lower price and some stuff is not worth any price. Just my opinion.

Either of those IR thermometers will work just fine, anything you do with them as an inspector won’t need to be extremely accurate anyway.

I love harbor freight. Took apart an 80 year old cast iron passive boiler using tools from there. Got a 3’ steel pipe wrench for $19.00, it was a life and back saver. I’ve also had a brad nailer from there which I have built much of the furniture in my house with over the last 13 years. But as much as I love HF, I wouldn’t buy tools which I planned on using every day. They wouldn’t hold up long enough to be worth the savings.

I use two IR thermometers:
Klein Tools IR10 is good for inspecting because it has 20:1 distance range. But it has -+2% accuracy, and that’s why I prefer to double-check with ennoLogic eT1050D which has ±1% accuracy (but it is inferior in distance, 10:1). Both units are good for working, IMHO.