Laser therm. to measure moisture

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Is it reasonable to use a laser thermometer to determine the presence of moisture? If you measure the temp. of a stain on a ceiling and compare it to an area that is not stained, it would be a cooler temp. if there were moisture present, correct?


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I've never tried that simple test, but I wouldn't put my faith on that type of testing. Only because the heat within the house will have a tendancy to dry up most of this wet area and a true moisture content reading is what I will be looking for in certain areas.
I don't skimp on necessary tools to get the job done. An inexpensive moisture meter with probes (and there are many brands out there) will definitely give you a true moisture content reading.

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I agree with David that I would not rely on such testing during an inspection but for argument sake, in theroy I suppose it would work. I think however that the reading would be so gross that it would not be much more acurate than your finger. Also since a stain is a different shade of color (darker) your reading will be affected by emissivity which is the ability of a surface to radiate heat. emissivity is effected by such things as material, shiny or dull, light or dark surface.


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