Last job of the year made the Company's News Letter

Last job at a College Campus.

This campus is Green, so we had to join the crowd.




Congratulations Marcel.:wink:

Thanks Linas, just wish I had another job to go to. :slight_smile:

Job? you don’t need a stinkin’ job Marcel. Your wife works don’t she? Have her get a second job!!:p:p

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,right Marcel?:slight_smile:

I don’t think asking her to get a second job would go over very well.
She keeps reminding me to get one of my own often enough.

She made me paint my office ceiling yesterday which has a textured ceiling, and I could not even tell where I left off when I would get paint on the roller tray and look up again.
Just for the sake of seeing me do something. Now that sucks. :mrgreen::wink: