Last Job

I found some pictures of my last electrical job, thought I would share some here. Just because, remenissant mabe.

2nd baptist ch0010.JPG

2nd baptist ch0010.JPG

2nd baptist ch0001.JPG



2nd baptist ch0008.JPG

A few more.

2nd baptist ch0032.JPG

2nd baptist ch0039.JPG

2nd baptist ch0015.JPG

2nd baptist ch0012.JPG


If you did the bending I would say Mr. Benfield would be very proud of you…are those gardner snakes in the second image…thehehe…just teasing ya my 3 phase friend…:slight_smile:

Actually VERY nice bending and flow alignment…Half the time when I am teaching apprentices bending and I come back after the lesson…all their bends have ONE thing in common…Couplings…EVERYWHERE…lol ( inside joke…Anyone who has bent pipe will undertand it…lol )

Bent all by myself and helper. We did the entire job with only the two of us.THere was about 10,000 feet of conduit in the slab. I always tried to run as much as possible in the slab. 2,500 feet of 500mcm. I miss doing it at times. SOMETIMES.

Paul, did you notice the siezmic protection on the panels. ?

No…can’t say I did Ben…BUT now I know why your name is listed as Ben D…get it…BEND…Mr. BENDER…

The greenfield on the end where it connects was required for earthquake protection. Also the mounting holes in the panel, have to be knocked out, and there are ruber bushings and grommets that have to be installed so if the wall shakes, the panel willl absorb it. Pretty neat.

I’ll say…something I most certainly do not see much…lol…thats for sure :slight_smile:

ah, yes, reminds me of when I used to be a real electrician! Like you said, I miss it sometimes. In fact, next month I’m gonna get my administrators license and start doing some contracting as a back up business.

Awesome James…their is an Electrician shortage coming in years to come since the apprentice programs started back in the late 80’s…now some just do not have the patience to spend all the years learning…

what worries me is all I’ve forgotten. I’ve got to get 24 CEU’s before April 6 for my journeyman license renewal, so I figure that’ll get me studying again. Once I get back into that mode I’ll just brush up on my load calcs. and law and other crap for the administrators/masters license and take that next month. It’s always a good back up business. I’ve always worked for someone else and did side work for extra money, that got real old, but having my own biz would be pretty cool. If it takes off I’ll probably get an apprentice or two.

Excecllent James…I honestly can say check out the Mike Holt stuff…The guy really has a nac for explaining it simple…I have the entire series on calcualtions…back when it was on VHS…now that DATES me…

But I use it in classes at the apprentice program when I teach their…really makes it easy for them to understand…

You may want to see if your state accepts Mr. Holts CE programs…might be a QUICK way to get the refresh going…