Last Minute Magnetic Tips

Need a magnetic screw driver in a quick pinch… On the job look for a magnetic door holder and stick your metal screw driver to it for a few minutes. It will become magnetic for a short period of time and start to wear down you can do it again when needed.

Works great when in a pinch and need a temporary magnetic screwdriver tip.

You can get better magnetism by rubbing your screw driver against the magnet in the same direction, i.e., don’t go back and forth. Just go forth (and multiply :smiley: ).

thanks Russel…I was refering to a door magnet and those times when a normal magnet is not handy and you are on the job and REALLY need a quick fix.

Paul, ever:) heard of chewing gum?

Make it last:) :slight_smile:

Take a paper core that is atleast 1/4" thick and 1 & 1/2" in diameter, wrap it with wiring from a burnt drill or motor winding wire, connect it to two pole terminals. Connect the terminals with a sliver of tin foil, install your saftey glasses, insert the screw driver inside the coil and throw the switch. It will be magnetized for years.

Comes in handy in hard to reach places and holds screw exellent.


lol…man I just will buy a pack of gum and do that next time…lol

:twisted: funny

Let’s see.
I’ve got a screw down there in that tiny space.
Need a piece of gum.
It has to be a wet, sticky piece of gum.
I don’t even have any gum.
Hey, folks.
I have to go get some gum.
Y’all just sit tight for a few minutes.
I’ll be right back.
30 minutes later.
Hey, folks. I’m back.
End of inspection.
Since the inspection took 30 minutes longer than I thought it would, and I charge $100 an hour, I’ll need an extra $50.

Me thinks the magnet tip is faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…funny man

if ya ain’t gut no gum, and can’t fugure out Marcel suicidal method, no door mags around, just pick a good booger from way in back (your gonna need your pinky with a good 1/4’’ finger nail on it) and good luck git’n it off if it dried up too quick.

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Jay, how far out in the woods do you live?:smiley:


Doesn’t your jar of candy have gum in it? If not…you should add it.