Last sail of the year.

Got on the lake at 6 am this morning for one last sail. Good wind at about 10-12 mph and its still dark. I always wanted to be sailing and watch the sunrise.

Mission accomplished______!

De-masted at noon. Me and a bunch of other sailors help each other de-mast the boats. Hate to see the season end but winter in Minnesota brings hard water.

That’s a beautiful scene there.
Looks like it can get ya pretty mellow. :smiley:

It is calming and my life needs all the calm I can get.

Beautiful, Paul and peace brother! :slight_smile:

Her we start again just after Christmas .

Nice to hear you had one last tranquil moment with your sailboat for the season Paul.
Terrific scenery.:):slight_smile:


Nice shot Paul.

IMO you just can’t get any more serenity than from being out on the water on a calm day, at least a mile off shore.

Nice scene, but I don’t envy your winter. Good way to end the summer.

Glad you enjoyed your last boating weekend. I remember those end of summer days as a teenager…winterizing the boats and taking out the pier at the lake cottage. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that down here.

Nice Paul.

very nice

Very nice Paul. Glad you got out there and enjoyed.