Last Weeks Attic Find

I was a little pissed off when I found this covered in dirt

Wow…hopefully former owner can be found.

Wow, good find. The owner or his family will appreciate you finding that.

Sadly, it was the only thing in the attic… and it was right at the top of the stairs. Apparently it was placed there on purpose by the descendants — Disrespectful –
I wanted to take it and properly hang it somewhere. They should have buried this Vet with his Medals as opposed to storing them in the attic. We can honor him here!

Dang, sad to hear that.

Too bad his name plate wasn’t in there.

A combat infantryman who served in Vietnam with the 101st is an American hero.

Maybe they accidentally forgot the honors (set them there and went down with an arm load and got distracted) and would love to have them back…:slight_smile:

The HO was an elderly gentleman (maybe 80 ish). I asked him if they were his, as I was going to thank him for his service. He just shrugged and said no — then mumbled that they were up there all right. He knew they were there… I definitely gave him a look of discontent.

It would be interesting to know the real story behind them, no doubt…

I agree, There could very well be an explanation. For all we know the soldier may have turned into a drug dealing pedophile. Which would explain why they were placed out of sight.

Just a thought. They might belong to his son who never returned.

If they were my sons, I would be polishing them everyday… and they would be front and center. But not everyone handles adversity the same way, and you could very well be right.

I do lots of inspections in a Military Retirement community. It is always sad to see the Metals left behind.

I would have asked if I could have them if he knew nothing about them and looked to see if I could find out whose they were if not I would have gave them to a museum or someplace where they would get the respect they deserve.

Really Sad especially to see today, Disgusting.