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Great link! Thanks!

Here’s a list someone posted on the internet with lots of great information. I am running out of room on my hard drive!

DOE Handbook on Electrical Safety
Square D Safety Switch Recall Information
Basic Electricity Article- By IAEI
Collection of Articles- By IAEI
The Electricians Check List
2002 NEC Changes/Updates
Aluminum Wire Information (Branch Circuits)
Aluminum Wire - What’s The Problem
AFCI & The NEC - Courtesy of ECMag
2005 NEC Training Online- Article 90 - Part 1
AFCI Testers vs. AFCI Indicators- Mike Holt
What is an ARC Fault- Mike Holt
Aluminum Wire Terminations - NoLox Statement
Swimming Pool Installations - Article 680
Dangers of an Open Service Neutral- Mike Holt
AFCI- What’s it all about?
What causes STRAY voltage?

[Replacement Breakers- Do they VIOLATE the NEC- ]( Breakers - Do They Violate NEC, Warranty and or UL listing? (12/30/99))
Objectionable Current- What can be done
Free Excel Sheet- Excel Service Calculation Program( AWESOME )
Brief PowerPoint on Grounding & Bonding Basics- For Home Inspectors
Mike Holts Books- Simply the BEST electrical educatnal material on the planet <- CLICK

Thanks Joe.

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