Latest HIP Template

See attached! Ok as promised I’ve put up my most latest HIP template. The beginning, kitchen, is where I start first and roof/chimney is where I end up last. If you think I should add something let me know. Please note: My report is designed to talk about areas as a whole not room by room. Please tear it up if you want. Thanks guys!

PS… Remember it’s just my template (Starting point) from when I start a new inspection. Sooner or later I’ll put out a full report with pics.

Thanks Billy, looks great! I can see quite a difference from your report several years ago.

Yeah I suggest you turn it into my template…lol
Seriously great you share with rookies though .
Us oldtimers have it the way we like it.

Put this up on the HIP site if you have not already.

you just need to start with the roof first. :slight_smile: lol

I would like to see the sample of the actually inspection then just the template. I like it better than the old version.

Should it not be Carbon Monoxide and Not carbon Dioxide?

Thanks Dave. Yea I’m building a new one right now. You’ll be the first to see it. And thanks for the catch. I’ll be correcting that label tonight!

I need to go ask my 6th grader the difference of the 2 (Monoxide/Dioxide) He just had a test on this!! He did well to, he made a volcano that erupted recently. It was with dry ice. He said he enjoyed the assignment.

I look forward to seeing your report9s).

I could use your input on mine but I am not as brave as you to post.